Excavator 360 FAS CSCS New Entrant

Excavator 360 Course Duration
3 Day FAS CSCS 360 Excavator New Entrant Operator training courses (typical day 8.30am to 4.30pm).

This 3 day 360 Excavator training course is available on-site on your premises anywhere in the Republic of Ireland subject to minimum numbers. A suitable room would be required for on-site training for the theory section of the course, and a 360 Excavator is needed for the practical. The Certificate of Thorough Examination for the machine must be in date where required.

360 Excavator Course Description
The Programme will consist of a combination of classroom sessions of underpinning knowledge relating to 360 Excavator operations, and practical operation of the 360 Excavator.

  • Introduction
  • Safety and PPE
  • Responsibilities of the 360 Excavator Operator
  • Introduction to the 360 Excavator
  • Introduction to the 360 Excavator Operator’s Manual
  • 360 Excavator pre-use checks
  • 360 Excavator operation
  • 360 Excavator safety awareness
  • Safety controls
  • Prepare the 360 Excavator for movement
  • Travel the 360 Excavator
  • Set up for operation and operate 360 Excavator controls
  • Excavate and backfill operations
  • Park and secure the 360 Excavator

Trainee Requirements
Candidates must be over 18 and have at least three months general construction experience. Candidates must also hold a current FAS Safe Pass Registration Card.

PPE Requirements
Trainees must have the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment with them i.e. Helmet, Safety Boots, Hi-Viz Vest.

Who Should Attend?
This FAS New Entrant 360 Excavator training course is suitable for anyone who wishes to learn how to operate 360 Diggers. This course will prepare candidates for the FAS 360 Excavator Assessment leading to the CSCS 360 Excavator card (ticket) which is required for digger drivers on construction site.

Course Objectives
To provide delegates with the essential knowledge required to operate 360 Diggers efficiently and safely.

Training Methods
Presentation with slides, video, printed course material, demonstration, practical use.

Who Will Benefit?
All those in your organisation who use, supervise or manage the use of 360 Diggers.

360 Excavator Certification
On successful completion of this 360 Excavator programme you will be issued with an Operator Log Book and a Temporary Operator card. You are required to spend a minimum of six months operating 360 Diggers within a two year timeframe before you can apply for your CSCS final assessment. Once the log book is completed you must attend an additional 1 Day Assessment in order to receive your full FAS CSCS Operator ticket, which is valid for 5 years.